Witaj, świecie!

Aussies shopping trip report I loved ala moana shopping centre(Similar to bondi junction or chadstone shopping centres), MacySand Neiman MarcuShad great saleSon $19 Levis, $9 Calvin Klein men’Sunderwear(We paid $26 at myer sydney)All the boutique shopSwere great, most had saleSon, it iSso much cheaper than sydney i bought juicy couture thongSfor $20 which i saw at david joneSbondi for $99, diesel t shirtS$30, i bought some american brand wedgeSfor $11 at macySand christian louboutin shoeSat nordstrom for $220(Easy $800 at d’j;S) I bought all new cosmeticShair care, skin care at Sephora ( giant cosmeticSstore I am in love with! )Chanel foundation for $42(I paid $87 here in sydney at myer) I splurged on a Christian Dior Handbag for $900, which I just priced in David JoneSfor $1900! My boyfriend bought a Hugo BosSSuit for $750 ( $2000 in D’J'S) The shops along waikik were also great, great clothes shop for women called white house black market which i loved, all the guess/juicy coture/deisel and all designer shops are cheaper then here, I am not a huge outlet fan as i find that most of them stock leftover goods they cant get rid of but i went with an open mind to the outlets in waikele i should have trusted my instincts waste of time, it was just that, old stock that wasn’t even cheap:Ie:Michael kors handbags for $250 that were very ugly compared to the $120 one i bought at ala moana at the actual michael kors http://www.gunnadoo.com.au/ shop!The same with the ross dress for less shop, i know some people rated it but it was like a giant best less shop that had been turned upside down, again there was the odd”Designer”Item which were old and ugly! Any questions please ask!Don’t forget to get your tourist card at macys take your passport and they give you a card which entitles you to 10% of everything even sale stock! Yes make sure you only take 1 change of clothes, also it is no where near as formal as i thought either, i lived in sundresses and dressy thongs wore my hair up most of the time with little to no makeup even in the fancier restaurants like orchids my partner easily fit in with dress shorts and a collared t shirt, we stayed at outrigger reef(Will do a report when i upload all our photos)Loved it we literally went to dinner every night at a new place(But twice at dukes mai tai bar as we loved it)About 6pm to watch the sunset, by ralph lauren outlet 8pm we walked along beachwalk and main street of waikiki just looking/shopping and by 10pm then would stop for a cocktail on the way home! I was in hawaii about 18 months ago and had a completely different experience with waikele outlets:We did some fabulous shopping there at the end of the day, my friends and i had more bags than the japanese tourists, which is a definite first!I bought a fabulous rebecca taylor outfit dress and jacket for about $500 that i saw in myer on my return for $1300!I bought some really nice pieces from barneys, banana republic(A dress for $25 that always gets heaps of comments)A bag for a mate from coach(She loved it).My friend stocked up on clothes for her nieces and nephews, the other friend stocked up for her husband at ralph lauren.We used vouchers that we printed from the internet befre we left so got an extra discount on top of the discounts i think they were about 20 30% off, can remember now(And then we picked up some more discounts at the registration desk at waikele).We shopped at alamoana and the main street as well, and while they were on sale, and still good buys in comparison to sydney, the prices did not match waikele.Next time(Which could be next month)I going first to waikele, then heading to the rest.I hope your comments don mean things have changed because my 2 friends and i rate this trip to hawaii as our best shopping expedition ever, and we have travelled a bit between us.Ross dress for less, i too found hard work, came out empty handed, and rather depressed due to the surroundings(Not the surroundings i want to be in on this type of holiday)But there were 1 or 2 things i had my eye on, but they didn fit.

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